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Industry Capabilities

EN Labs offers on a wide range of analytical and calibration services to individual, municipal, commercial and utility customers. Read through a few of our case studies to learn more about what we can provide.​


EN Labs Calibration Services Support Columbia Generating Station


The Nine Canyon Wind Project


Providing Calibration Services for Hanford Nuclear Site


Short Turn-Around Calibration Services for Gas Pressure Instrumentation

  • Water and Wastewater Analysis for cities & communities
    EN Labs are accredited by the Washington State Department of Ecology for drinking water and wastewater analysis. We work with a variety of municipalities, private water systems, and industrial wastewater permittees to provide the sampling and analysis needed to meet the regulatory requirements of their NPDES permits. We also support drinking water systems and private wells with the laboratory tests needed to maintain safe drinking water.
  • Government
    EN Labs support government agencies who work at the Hanford site to provide the clean-up efforts. Our role has been and continues to be to provide calibration services and support for the cleanup project as well as to provide test equipment calibration solutions, compliant with the strict requirements of NQA-1 (Nuclear Quality Assurance-1), for several contractors associated with the project, all in pursuit of the successful return of the site to its natural habitat.
  • Wineries & Breweries
    Wineries can utilize our calibration services either at the customer’s location or by sending in their floor scales of various sizes and weight capacity. EN Labs have the capability of performing mobile calibrations at your location for large items or items that are unable to be removed from their location.
  • Nuclear
    In the Nuclear Industry, EN Labs has supported Columbia Generating Station for over 30 years providing Calibration Services and environmental monitoring services to the station. This support allows Columbia Generating Station to deliver power to the region in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Heating & Air
    Heating and Air companies send in their back flow test kits like items: Manufacturer: Mid-West Model: 845 & 830 & 890 to have their instrument tested this is a backflow prevention kit that provides the capability for testing all brands of reduced pressure principle, pressure vacuum breaker and double check valve backflow prevention assemblies.
  • Electrical
    Electrical contractors utilize our calibration services for items like: Manufacturer: Fluke Model 1577 Insulation Multimeter. Whether you work on motors, generators, cables, or switch gear which are used in the electrical field, these multi-meters are used to measure insulation resistance, current, voltage, and resistance for testing line insulation on motors, generators, cables, and switch gear. We calibrate to the recommended manufacturer specifications for all calibration frequency and general specifications so you have the confidence your gear is safe for use.
  • Building & Maintenance
    Companies in the construction industry utilize a variety of tools for construction building and maintenance on their projects. Whether working on a small housing project or a large Hanford area project, our customers send in items like Torque Wrenches for a variety of Manufacturers like Snap On, Proto, and CDI and more.
  • Industrial Safety Equipment
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Case Studies
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