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EN Precision Labs provided drinking water testing for lead and copper in support of more than 200 local day care facilities

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In 2017 the Washington State Department of Early Learning issued a new rule that requires all licensed home & commercial day care facilities to test their water supply for lead and copper. The new rule issued as Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 170-300, Foundational Quality Standards for Early Learning Programs, requires new and existing child care facilities to use a Washington State accredited laboratory to analyze drinking water for lead and copper within six months of the date the rule became effective.

Given the relatively short implementation period for the new rule, Energy Northwest Precision Labs received a high volume of testing requests within a short period of time. In the past year, Energy Northwest Precision Labs came to the support of more than 200 local child care facilities to provide state accredited lead and copper analytical testing. Laboratory staff provided sampling kits to each day care facility along with detailed instructions regarding how to properly collect and handle the drinking water samples.

Energy Northwest Precision Labs successfully completed the testing for all the day care facilities in a timely manner and provided an analytical report to each day care facility with how the testing results compared to EPA action levels. This water testing provided an important service to local child care facilities to confirm that drinking water used for drinking, cooking, or preparing infant formula or food at child care facilities meets EPA drinking water quality standards.

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