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Give us a call to learn more about EN Precision Labs. 

Traci Williams,
Environmental Services Manager

Jesse Prasad,
Standards Laboratory Manager

Jose Camacho,

Lead Metrologist/Standards Lab Supervisor

Amanda Lindenmeier (Train),

Standards Lab Quality Manager & Business

Program Lead


A Targeted Approach

We make it easy for companies across many industries to utilize both environmental lab analysis and calibration services under one roof. 

Based on your analytical and calibration requests, we adhere to the certification process and guarantees all documentation will meet and exceed your specific requirements. This includes but is not limited to calibration by ISO 17025 accreditation audit standards, traceable to NIST, NQA1, 10 CFR50, Appendix B, ANSI Z540.1, and environmental lab analyses accredited by WA State Department of Ecology.

Contact Us

Environmental Lab 

(509) 377-8058

Department Contact

Elaine Jones

Laboratory Business Specialist
Office: (509) 377-8058 Opt 1

Calibration Lab 

(509) 377-8444

Department Contact

Amanda Lindenmeier (Train)

Standards Lab Quality Manager & Business Program Lead
Office: (509) 377-8603



Environmental Services
350 Hills Street, Suite #107, 
Richland, WA 99354

M-Th 7 am - 4 pm;
limited coverage Fridays



Standards Laboratory 
76 North Power Plant Loop, 
Richland, WA 99354

Shipping Address


Energy Northwest
Attn: Calibration Services
76 N Power Plant Loop
Richland, WA 99354

Request a Quote

Request a Quote

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