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Standards Lab Update - MET/TEAM


To our valued customers:


Over the last couple of years, the Energy Northwest Standards Lab (ENSL) has been communicating that we are transitioning to a new database.  After quite a few bumps in  the road, that time is finally here.  Effective Monday, June 19th 2023, ENSL will have completed the transition to Fluke MET/TEAM calibration management software.  This upgrade will offer improved efficiency for ENSL as well as improved reliability for our lab management software. 


Over the past year, ENSL has been working closely with Fluke to make this transition seamless and transparent for you.  After the transition date on June 19th, ENSL will be providing calibration certificates electronically and while you may find some minor changes in format on the certificates, they will still contain the same information that you are used to seeing.  We have worked hard to ensure that all of your individual requirements will be met.


If you have specific questions or concerns regarding the transition, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


By phone: (509)377-8444 or by email:

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